The Resilience Project: finding happiness through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness
By Hugh Van Cuylenburg

This extraordinary book resonated with me because of its authenticity and heart-warming life lessons. We can often
get so caught up in our fast-paced and continually evolving lifestyle that we sometimes forget to pause to
appreciate what we have in front of us.

The Resilience Project is a subtle reminder that taking a moment each day to recognise what and who we
have in our lives can change our daily perspective.

Hugh’s experience of volunteering as a primary school teacher in Northern India highlighted the experiences
of the local children who, despite living in severely underprivileged conditions, demonstrated positivity and

Hugh uses simple tools that only require a pen and paper (or a smart device), to recognise each
of the principles below, every day.

The ‘Gem’ principles that Hugh uses throughout the book are: gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.
Hugh suggests that you acknowledge and action the following every day:

Gratitude: What are three things that went well for you today? What are you looking forward to most about tomorrow?
Empathy: Think about someone who you know who is going through or has gone through a tough time. What would
you say to them? Draft a response then send them an email or text them to let them know you’re thinking of them.
Mindfulness: Go for a walk and think about the three things that you can see, three things you can hear and three
things you feel. Write them down.

I strongly encourage everyone to read this book. It has certainly made a big impact on my life!
It’s a quick read and you won’t want to put it down! Alternatively, listen to this book via an app such as Audible.

Dr Nicole Lempick